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Paying for your legal representation

  • At The Law Shop we are proud to offer value for money when it comes to legal advice and assistance

  • We don't believe in hidden charges and all of our fees are discussed at your initial consultation.

  • We deal with matters under a variety of payment options

      as outlined below:-

Legal Aid

We are pleased to be able to represent a large selection of our clients by way of publicly funded legal advice. Subject to financial eligibility we may be able to advise and assist you under a legal aid order meaning  you don't have to worry about affordability when it comes to your representation

Fixed Fee   

We offer a fixed fee consultation for a variety of matters which is ideal if you require initial advice in relation to your case.

Conditional Fee Agreements

This is often referred to as "no win no fee" and are usually offered within Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Claims .

Payment Plans 

At The Law Shop we understand that sometimes things happen unexpectedly and not everyone has time to budget for legal representation. We offer a wide range of payment plans to ensure you can still obtain the advice and assistance you require but in a way that is financially affordable for you. We would ask for a payment on account upfront at the beginning of your case and then we can discuss a payment plan that pays for your legal fees throughout the duration of your case 

For further information about our fees please contact us on 01723 379 777

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